New Artist Focus: Laura Leigh Bean

New Artist Focus: Laura Leigh Bean

For her debut collection with Roger la Borde, artist Laura Leigh Bean has created nine fresh and sophisticated digital paintings which are as bright and bubbly as her personality. The collection, called Caipirissima, is as slick and stylish as its cocktail namesake!

In her own words, Laura aims to create “positive empowering artwork that inspires women to live joyfully”. Her designs show lively women in their element - dancing, hugging, celebrating, and supporting each other. There are beaming brides (and grooms!), glowing mamas-to-be, cheerful birthday girls ... and more.  There are oversized bouquets and gold-foiled balloons, big smiles and even bigger cakes.

Laura Leigh Bean’s artwork is a celebration of love and friendship and JOY, and we are thrilled to present the Caipirissima Collection - see it HERE.

Helena Maratheftis
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