MEET THE ARTIST: Danielle Rhoda

MEET THE ARTIST: Danielle Rhoda

Come along and meet the artists behind our stationery collections! Today we are saying hello to Danielle Rhoda, the artist behind our Daisychain Greeting Card range! Danielle is an illustrator, animator and prolific maker of things. Danielle's sensitively drawn illustrations reflect her keen eye for observation, and her curiosity about the people and places around her. It has been a joy to add Danielle to our list of collaborators this year. Read on for a Q&A in Danielle's Words.

Hello Danielle! How long have you been working with Roger la Borde? I’m still a very recent addition to the roster of artists, I have just completed my first collection with Roger la Borde!

Where do you live? I currently live in a small town not far from London, but I tend to move around and work from different places. The drawings for the collection took shape across Nottingham and Barcelona.

Where do you work? At the moment, I’m studying animation on top of my illustration work and through that I have access to a group studio where you’ll find me most often, but at times I like to work from home or draw in a café. Luckily, I don’t need too many things and my set up is very mobile so I can work from anywhere!

Please tell us about your process. How do you create? Any favourite media? I love textures and I always try to give my work that tactile feel so I use mostly traditional media, like watercolour and pencils, for the base of the drawing and then in later stages I turn to digital methods to really finesse the illustration. 

Where do you find inspiration? Whenever possible I turn to observation and pay attention to people around me. I love to capture small moments and give them a bit of colour. Other times I like to get a bit more playful and draw from imagination or mix the two worlds and come up with something sweet.

Which is your favourite design from your Roger la Borde collection? My favourite design from the Daisychain collection is the New Home card. It’s a sweet nod to my time living in Barcelona and being constantly inspired by the colourful buildings, windows and balconies always so full of life. It’s so lovely to see it transformed into a card and I hope it feels special to the receiver.

Which is your favourite product type made by Roger la Borde? I’m a big, big fan of the Lasercut cards and Quintet Concertina fold-out cards. Cards are such a lovely way of showing people you care and I think they absolutely should look and feel very special. I like to frame my favourite designs so they also take on a decorative role. The more textured and interactive the design the better!

Please describe your work in 5 words! Playful Sweet Tactile Sensitive Emotive


See Danielle Rhoda's stationery range here.
Visit Danielle Rhoda’s website here.
Thank you so much, Danielle!
Helena Maratheftis
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