Come along and meet the artists behind our stationery collections! Today we are saying hello to Jane Ray, a major figure in Roger la Borde history! Jane has been working with us since the very beginning of Roger la Borde (and the very beginning of her own artistic career) in 1985, when our collection consisted of a few handfuls of card designs. In the years since then, Jane's beautiful artwork has adorned some of our most memorable and iconic products, particularly in our Christmas ranges. We have turned her illustrations into lasercut greeting cards, books and journals, Pop & Slot Advent Calendars, and so much more.


Jane is also a prolific and award winning writer and illustrator of children's books, with over 60 published titles to her name. We love working with Jane as much as we adore her work. Read on for a Q&A in Jane's Words:

Where do you work? From home (in London) in a small studio in the garden.

What is your process? I collect visual information in scrapbooks and sketch books which I then incorporate into my finished illustrations. Favourite media? watercolour, collage.

Where do you find inspiration?  From dreams, the natural world, fairytales, myths, legends, things overheard on the bus, and what is happening in the world....

Which is your favourite design from your Roger la Borde collection? It's always sooo exciting to see my work translated into stationery! I love the advent calendars and lasercut cards. To see your ideas turned into these beautiful products - always a thrill!

Above: Pop & Slot Sets from our current collection / Below: One of Jane Ray's Greeting Card illustrations from 1986



  •  Lined journals or blank journals? Blank journals
  •  Creative process: digital or analogue materials? Analogue materials
  • Writing inside a RLB lasercut card or on the back panel? Inside
  • Tea or coffee? Coffee
  • Cats or dogs? Cats

See Jane Ray's work for Roger la Borde here.

Visit Jane Ray’s website here.

Thank you so much, Jane!


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