New Lasercut Cards by Su Blackwell

New Lasercut Cards by Su Blackwell

Our Scissors Paper Tree Greeting Card collection features the work of renowned paper-cut artist Su Blackwell, translated into greeting card form. We are very excited to present six new additions to the collection!

We have adapted Su’s meticulously hand-cut 3d paper creations into absolutely exquisite lasercut cards, which recreate the magic of Su’s work. The stunning lasercut panels stand out wonderfully against contrasting block colours, and we have printed the lasercut sections on both the front and back, so the cards looks beautiful from all angles. We have also included an illustrated panel on the reverse of the cards for your written message (although we also adore the look of handwriting peeking through the lace-like lasercutting). The cards in this collection are truly miniature works of art.

See the Scissors Paper Tree Collection HERE

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